How it Works - Online, natural, home remedies for gas problem
  1. First Register by making an online payment against the Option that represents your symptoms.
  2. Log in to your account and take the Consultation. Your 1st Consultation will be a Questionnaire.
    Remedies are presented instantly based on the inputs chosen.

    The Questionnaire looks something like this :

    Questionnaire copy

    Remedies will look something like this :

  3. You follow the remedies suggested and come back and give us feedback. Based on your progress our
    Counselors will guide with the next course of remedies.
  4. Each consultation is open for a limited time after which you will need to take the next consultation.
    The number of consultations you can take depends on the package you have opted for.
  5. You continue your interaction with the Counselors till you are satisfied!

The world's most significant discovery for the control of body gas is available to you now!