How to Control Excessive Gas Formation

In any human body, there are bacteria residing at the colon of the large intestine. They can be classified as ‘good’ bacteria and ‘bad’ bacteria. Only when these bad bacteria interact with undigested food, it produces gas. If the production of gas is normal, the gas will escape from our body through various means such as breathing, some being absorbed by the blood stream etc. That is not a cause for any worry.

It should be noted that ‘good’ bacteria are beneficial to the human body as they help us digest food that the body otherwise cannot digest on its own. In the process, they are also helping our body synthesize nutrients that the body cannot make on its own!
However, the other ‘harmful’ bacteria produce gas as a by-product of their own digestive process.

Our approach is to make use of the good bacteria and keep the bad bacteria under check. Its benefits will translate to

  • Gas formation will be minimum
  • Food consumed by you will be fully used for the nutrition of your body tissues
  • Your energy levels will only be better as your body will not be deprived of its essential vitamins

Now we must understand under what circumstances these harmful bacteria form excessive gas.

If the food travels too fast from the small intestine to the large intestine, it does not have enough time to be broken down and being absorbed. Thus, a lot of undigested food enters the large intestine where these harmful bacteria are waiting. They feast on this food, producing a lot of gas. This usually happens when one overeats. The amount of food to be processed is so large in quantity that before all of the consumed food can be properly broken down, it enters large intestine. In some cases, the walls of the small intestine themselves permit the food to move very fast to large intestine.

Consequence: Excessive gas
Stool Manifestation: Loose / pasty

Now, if the food is traveling too slow these harmful bacteria begin to starve. As with any living organism, it possesses a survival instinct, and will thus start moving from the large intestine to the small intestine. In such cases, these harmful bacteria are met with lots of undigested food (food before it could be digested by the small intestine) and produce excessive gas. This usually happens if there is too much of a gap between the meals on a regular basis.

Consequence: Excessive gas
Stool Manifestation: Dry, harder than normal

The key to minimal gas production is in regulating the flow of food so that none of the two cases occur.

Please have a look at the graph to better understand the concept.

It should be noted here that as every individual is different; his capacity to digest food varies, bacterial growth varies, and quantity of gas produced by inhabiting harmful bacteria varies. Though everyone is different, excessive gas formation is an indication that food is not moving within his intestine optimally. Our remedies for gas includes small intake of some spices and condiments which regulate the flow of food through the intestines and thereby limiting the action of harmful bacteria.

This treatment is fast, simple and universal!











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